We have a lot of beauty products we use to make us look good and look young. Raging from creams, lotions, oils astringent to tonics and so on. The fact is that we just want to look young and if possible stay young forever. We even go to the length of placing ourselves under plastic surgeries. Not that this is bad. It is the modern world and we really want to look younger than our real age. Maybe because many of us refuse our age and we find out that the more years we add, the more wrinkles on our faces etc.

However, there comes a time when we know that staying young isn’t from the outside, it doesn’t depend on appearance; wrinkles spot, pains or aches. It doesn’t depend on entering menopause or andropause. Staying young comes from the inside.

Youth should be more than just a façade, it should be more than just a time in our lives where our skin was at its best, or hair perfect and our total appearance superb. It should be more than that. The secret to staying young is not mythical it is quite simple and easy. So simple that most of us feel that it isn’t true.

How can you stay young? You can remain young by updating yourself. To be young means that we shouldn’t let our mind stagnate when we are growing old. Yes, the world is evolving, things are not the way they seem to be so you should change with it. Follow that ever changing tide. Do you know why stream water remains the cleanest? If flows.

In conclusion, we should know that being a youth is a state of mind and staying old is also a state of mind. Challenge your values, ideals, and ideas. Explore a new part of yourself every day. That’s how to remain young forever.