Last spring and summer was the year of the infamous Zara skort and this year seems to be going in the same direction. Last year fashion bloggers couldn’t get enough of this assymetrical skort and ended up slowly, but surely, being one of the biggest trends around. It was the perfect cross between shorts and a skirt and gave way to styling it just about any way possible whether it was feminine, grungy, or even sporty. Since spring is just around the corner, we thought it was a good time to incorporate new trends to update the skort.


There are so many ways we like to style this skort but we thought to go for slightly boyish street style look this time around. The popular colors for the skort are usually limited to only a few but we think black is the best since it pairs well with everything. A basic white t-shirt will compliment it perfectly for an effortless look. To pull everything together, a boxy navy blue military coat will do the trick and give it that boyish feel. For your feet, go the comfortable route by wearing some black Birkenstocks or New Balance sneakers in burgundy. Keep the hair simple to not look overdone.

This is an effortlessly chic, boyish way to wear the skort but it’s only one style among many. The grungy look is becoming increasingly popular especially with models off duty style and wearing crop tops and and slip-on sneakers are also trends that are popping up so these would also be good ways to try out newer trends. Check out the videos for additional ways to sport this fun skort.