A lady is said to be short if she is under 5’3″. Petite ladies, you should be more confident embracing whatever shape, size, and height you are. Petite girls come in all shapes and sizes, weight doesn’t come into it, it’s about height. Although, beautiful things often come in small packages. However, in all honesty, short women often feel the need to create an illusion with their dresses to look taller. The idea is to work on your natural body type and less up to bring out the best in you. Here are the list dressing ideas, fashion tips, and the best styles for petite sizes.

Go For Maxi Dresses

Choose maxi dresses and have definition over straight cuts. I will say asymmetrical hemlines, flower sleeves are great. Go for dresses with lighter fabrics like georgette and bump it up with chunky accessories.


Go For Heels

As you know high adds some inches in height. Heels are not only meant for models on the runway, you know. It can even portray elegance.


Try Off The Shoulder Or Spaghetti Straps

It is your big day, right? Flaunt your frame with off-shoulder dresses and choose of sweetheart necklines because they create the illusion of a broader canvas.

Try A Jumpsuit

Huh! I in particular love jumpsuit, especially when combined with heels or snickers. The tiable jumpsuit will be better off compared to the buttoned jumpsuit. Wearing cap sleeves instead of going sleeveless is another trick to open up your frame a little.

The Do’s And Dont’s

– If you choose stripes, choose vertical, especially for one pick of trousers or dresses.

– Always keep your accessories and belts slim and svelte instead of broad and bulky.

– You know monochromes? Keep them close, in fact, love it.