With the official start to summer approaching in less than three weeks, you’re going to need the hairstyles to compliment your bikini body when laying by the pool. Here are some of the best summer hairstyles to try out to make yourself look hotter than the temperature outside.

Side Plait
This Jessica Alba inspired look shows off a dynamic and fun style, allowing you to section off your “good side” with a deeply rooted plait and leaving the other side of your hair natural or curled. When you’re done plaiting, secure the plait with a hair elastic and tug the braids to loosen it for a less-polished look.

Fishtail Pony
Inspired by Blake Lively, start by blowdrying your hair and creating a high pony before separating it into two sections. Cross the strands of hair from both sides until you get the desired look, and once again tug at the plaits in order to give it a ruffled beach-vibe.

Texture Tease
For those with naturally curly hair, amp it up this summer by fluffing and blowdrying your natural curls and teasing them up. Make sure to spray your hair with anti-humidity hairspray in order to keep them looking fresh all day long.

Simple. Strong. Summery. That’s the easiest way to describe this hairstyle, by taking all those lovely locks and securing them above your head in a high bun that never goes out of style.

Whether it’s trying something new or sticking to the same trends in hair we know and love, summer is all about having fun, and that’s what all these styles scream.