At its core fashion is a representation of the times, and nothing could reflect the global turmoil in politics and hopes for a united future than Prada. The historic fashion house unveiled its latest collection during Milan fashion week late last week, and its twisted fairytale vibes sent major shock factors in the audience.

As reported by Vogue, designer Miuccia Prada has been deeply disturbed by the European political field as of late. She was able to find a creative release and instill her voice in the dark and twisted collection which had been deemed by many major fashion outlets one of the most iconic of the brands to date.

Image Source: Vogue

The collection was a mix of utilitarian ensembles, including double breasted coats in shapeless
silhouettes. Models also walked the runways in chunky soled military-esque shoes. Rose imagery and lace accents were a running theme throughout the collection giving the collection an eclectic and romantic offset. The overall feel was demure, almost gothic and intimidating, but with notes of wearable Victorian inspired pieces.

Image Source: Vogue

The beauty look contributed to the overall shock factor – a standard no makeup makeup look enhanced with bleached brows. Yes, even the goddess of the brow Cara Delevingne appeared almost unrecognizable on the runways. Social media also quickly caught on to the Wednesday Adams inspired braids that gave off the cliche goth girl persona.

Bad romance vibes aside, there were still the basic Prada elements that we know and love including chunky neon pink shoes, graphic patterns, and an array of ultra wearable coats that are sure to define our upcoming fall style.