The dry and humid air of this period tends to stress the hair and scalp, winter could make the hair dry and the scalp flaky. It is necessary that you take absolute care of your hair this season. There are certain ways you can do this.

  1. Try Protective Covers – To avoid the dry air messing with your hair, you could use a winter hat or beanie. Be sure to make it a little loose so it won’t stop the circulation of blood in your scalp. When attending dressier events, you could use hair clips and barrettes to keep the hair up while also decorating it.
  2. Let Hydration Be A Goal – What shows outside are results of what happens in the body, if you are dehydrated half of the time your hair would appear dry and flaky. Be sure to drink enough water to keep you hydrated.
  3. Try Specific Hair Products – Endeavor to buy an anti-dandruff shampoo and dry-scalp care shampoo, this would help prevent any case of dandruff and moisturize your scalp. thus any form of dryness should be prevented.
  4. Do Not Over Style – Avoid persistent use of hair styling tools like straighteners or curlers this period, the heat from these tools can dry out the hair out which increases the chances of hair damage.
  5. Trim Your Ends – You do not want split ends; all they cause is hair breakage. Whether your hair is long or short, trim the ends this helps to keep the hair in good condition and avoid split ends.
  6. Be Watchful Of Hair Washing – Wash with warm water instead of hot water to avoid hair damage, dry your hair out indoors before going out to avoid hair freezing which leads to breakage.