Penelope Cruz Pays Tribute To Late Designer Lagerfeld

Longtime Chanel brand ambassador, Penelope Cruz had her own way of remembering the late Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld. In a personal first, the actress traded in her front row seat in favor of walking the Chanel Fashion show carrying a white rose as her tribute to the iconic designer.

Image Source: W

Cruz told media, “Walking in this rose was in a way walking with him, I feel that in a way, we had a very beautiful relationship over the years, but especially the connection became much stronger in the last year working together spending more time together, so I just had this image of walking with this rose.”

The celeb’s cameo in the collection made quite the stir on social media. However out of her element she might be, Cruz looked confident on the snow-capped runway debuting the a white feathered dress with ruffled accents.

The actress turned model was grateful to be a part of the show saying, “It was a beautiful homage to him, and there was a lot of love in this place for him today, so I’m really honored to be a apart of it.”

Before accepting the role as brand ambassador, Cruz told WWD that she had been a lifelong fan of the brand, and even grew up studying Lagerfeld’s work imagining what it would be like to meet the fashion legend.