Picking the best primer for your skin is just as important as picking the right foundation. You wouldn’t just grab any foundation for your skin without knowing if it will suit you so the same should be done when picking a primer. Most of the time primer is just viewed as an extra unnecessary step but to get the most out of your makeup’s durability, a primer is essential. It can also fill out your pores and eliminate redness or dullness so keep reading to find out what primer will suit your skin needs best.


Basic Clear Primer. The basic primer is necessary for those women with no specific skin concerns but just want a smoother surface due to enlarged pores and fine lines. It comes in a clear color and suits just about every skin type so it won’t be difficult to find. Clarins’ “Instant Smooth Perfection Touch” primer that will make your skin look poreless and make your foundation go on better.

Green Primer. If you suffer from rosacea or redness in the skin, a green primer will help cancel out the red. The green will disappear into your skin once you spread it. Makeup Forever’s “HD Primer” is a top pick for makeup artists and the Chic Trends crew.

Pink or Lilac. Women with yellow undertones know that sometimes their skin color can look a bit dull so brightening makeup products are a must. Both pink and lilac primers brighten up the yellow skin tones and undertones and prevent sallowness. Benefit’s “That Gal” brightening face primer will brighten the dullest of complexions.

Caramel Primer. Medium to dark skin tones can look ashy at times so a caramel colored primer suits them best as the golden colors brighten the skin while providing warmth as well. Makeup Forever’s “HD Primer” in Caramel is the perfect primer for darker skins.

Primer isn’t a must every day especially if you don’t suffer from any of the afore mentioned concerns (lucky you). It’s also not necessary on all of your face so it’s ok to only apply to problem areas. Be sure to sample out different ones to see which ones suit you the most.