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It’s available in six colors and offers Prime shipping

Few things are more difficult than mastering the balance of comfort and cute, especially in the winter months. It can be incredibly tempting to wrap yourself up in a blanket burrito and call it a day, but unfortunately, blankets aren’t really acceptable clothing options.

Puffer jackets and parkas are the next best thing but finding one that doesn’t make you look like one of those inflatable Christmas decorations can be a bit of a challenge. And who do we turn to with these types of nearly-impossible fashion requests? Amazon.

Last year, the “Amazon coat”, a puffer jacket made by Orolay, became synonymous with winter in New York City. Like the leopard mini skirt or platform white sneakers, it became the item to wear for the winter months.

And with good reason—the coat is incredibly warm, fashionable, and has a slimming fit. And the best part? It won’t break the bank and can be at your doorstep in two days.

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The jacket ranges from $125-$135 depending on stuck and availability, which is still significantly less expensive than a Northface parka or Canada Goose jacket for essentially the same quality. The jacket is made of down duck feather, is double insulated, has a fur-trimmed hood, and tapers narrower at the bottom to prevent wind from gusting in.

My Orolay Amazon coat has made it through five winters without a rip, broken zipper, or feathers poking out. The utility-like style is on-trend for winter 2019 and the variety of color options offer choices to everyone.

Dress it casually with jeans, a light sweater, and combat boots or layer it over your favorite dress and knee-highs. Either way, it’s bound to turn heads.

You can check out this awesome winter jacket on Amazon.