Everyone makes mistakes, especially when it comes to makeup. Sometimes makeup and heat can be a recipe for disaster, but there are many ways to easily avoid a makeup melt off. The most common mistakes can be made without even knowing, but with some simple tricks and tips you can stay flawless all summer long!

The sun in the summer can be brutal, which can be very damaging to your skin. It is so important to wear SPF either under your makeup or mixed in with your base. Protecting your face is the first step to achieving a summer glow. Bright, fun, colors are everything for summer, right? Avoiding color on your face could actually protect you. Wearing a pop of color in the summertime outdoors is always recommended to be covered by either a hat or sunglasses, who knew?

Staying smudge proof in the summer is especially important. No one wants streaks running down their face, as if they belong to a circus. If you were going to use eyeliner, it is always best to go with a waterproof or tight liner in the summer. Makeup Forever makes a great streak proof liner!

And of course, everyone loves look tan in the summer. But some people take bronzer and highlight a little too far and put shimmer all over their face with the intentions of going for a sun-kissed look.

Instead, focusing on areas that highlight your face such as near your eyes or cheekbones could do wonders. It also saves yourself from having cakey makeup, which is a horrible feeling in the heat and can actually make you more – sweaty than you already may have been!

Lastly, go for a luminous look in the summertime. Avoid primers and foundations that mattify your skin. They can make you look more dried out especially in the heat. Opt for more light-weight products to keep a beautiful glow!