That 70s Show

It’s about time that our minimalistic, athleisure, normcore obsessed culture got a healthy injection of glam, and disco-inspired pieces are everything that we didn’t know we needed.

The disco, or should I say discotheque, influenced designs made their first appearance in Paris fashion week in 2018. They arrived in full form in during the latest 2019 collections with everyone from Ellie Saab, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Rochas, and Zendaya x Tommy paying homage to the glorious 70s with sequins, oversized prints, mirrored details, and metallics. Did I mention glitter, because it’s a millennial style essential at this point.

The disco rewind emerged has a natural pushback from the popularity of minimalism and neutral tones in the fashion industry. The style is also the first presence of an overtly glam aesthetic that has swept runways since the industry’s decline during the recession in 2009.

While the disco resurgence stays centered in Paris, Michael Koss and indie girl brand, AREA recently debuted collection in New York Fashion Week that paid homage to the era.

As the seasons progress, expect to see more feathers and holo than before. Rhinestone dripping statement earrings, chainmail accessories, and waist chains as an extension of the waist bag style are also on the rise.