(Photo Source: goop.com)

Have you heard of the Y lift procedure?

A new revolutionary procedure is changing the way you look at yourself and your views on cosmetic surgery. Introducing the Y Lift.

Many people look in the mirror and see flaws surrounding their faces. Many wish they could do something about it but aren’t willing to commit to getting a full facelift procedure done. Enter the Y Lift or Closed Face Lift. This minimally invasive procedure requires no cutting like traditional facelifts and can be completed in a little over an hour.

The idea behind this breakthrough procedure is to lift the face from the inside utilizing filler. The filler is injected through a small needle in specific key locations on the jawline and other key spots to lift the face and provide that firm and youthful look.

Dr. Deborah Manjoney, Director of Wisconsin Vein Center and Medispa and a pioneer behind this new procedure, states that the key behind this new procedure is to re-look the way we perceive the face and focus on rebuilding the projections of the face. So with the added benefit of lower cost and no recovery time, who wouldn’t want to give this new procedure a shot.