Stephen King x Louis Vuitton

We all love a good juicy read, including Bella and Gigi Hadid who have been getting a lot of press lately for toting around their current read like its the newest accessory.

Vogue was the first to notice that Bella Hadid had been seen out and about with her copy of the Stephen King’s The Outsider. She’s been seen with the hard back in hand for the past five weeks now – even using it as a shield to ward of some leery paparazzi.

It seems to have accompanied her all through Paris Fashion week has her downtime relaxation. The supermodel has shared a photo of her beloved bright red read on her Instagram page photographing it along with the rest of her luxe flight essentials, including a coveted Louis Vuitton cherry print Speedy bag.

As for Bella’s big sis Gigi, she’s been spotted with a copy of The Stranger by Albert Camus recently in Milan. Unlike Bella’s more mainstream taste, The Stranger is an absurdist French classic penned in 1942 (but it couldn’t look anymore 2019 than paired with Gigi’s pastel yellow pantsuit, Off-White t-shirt, and combat boots). The novel is a favorite for philosophy nerds and staple on any college literature list.

If being well-read is the next street style trend, then I’m all in.