Do you love J.Crew? The top fashion house has launched an all-inclusive fashion line with sizes ranging from XXS to 5X. J.Crew has never had plus sizes before, working with their collaboration partner Universal Standard that already offers a size inclusive line. It’s huge because there’s so many different pieces and there are not a lot of high-end companies that do large plus sizes!

It’s great because J. Crew are acknowledging what most people do look like, no matter what their size. Universal Standard is also a super great company that they are working with because they specialize in all these different sizes, offering all different types of fabrics and fits.

There is going to be everything from shirts, tracksuits, dresses, trousers, and pants. No matter what your sizes, anyone could wear a piece of clothing from the line. The want to make sure that every piece is designed to fit every single type of American woman, and people couldn’t be more happy! It’s pretty cool, because not a lot of collaborations do such a wide variety of sizes. It’s sure to sell out quick, so make sure you can your hands on the fashionable, versatile, collection!