Could mermaids be the new unicorn? Mythical creatures bring magic, fun, and mystery into everyone’s life no matter your age. The pastel-monochrome obsession has been everywhere lately. The big mermaid trends began when blankets that looked like mermaid tails were going viral everywhere. After that, there were mermaid waves for miles. If you love mermaids just as much as us, here’s how to swim into the trend!

Though colorful crazy trends have been everywhere lately and pastel palettes have been all the rage, mermaids seem to be taking over. The first thing that has been everywhere is mermaid inspired food and drinks. Color just seems to make it that much more exciting. You can create mermaid pizza to! You can start by taking pizza dough, putting on the basics like cheese and sauce, then adding on super colorful toppings such as, yellow or orange peppers, purple potatoes, and tomatoes as well as pepperoni if you please. Put in the oven for an instantly magical mermaid pizza.

You can make a crazy cool mermaid drink as well! You can purchase edible glitter, which usually goes on things like sweet treats. Are you have to do is mix the edible glitter with Prosecco and you have a recipe only mermaids know!

If you want to look like a mermaid to here are the biggest trends to looks so under the sea. Flare pants, sequin skirts and dresses, and socks and shorts with scale patterns for men. There have been many celebrities trying out mermaid hair such as Cardi B, Alicia Keys and even Gigi Hadid by adding colorful pastel tips and strips to your hair.

And lastly, mermaid home decorations. You can bring the mermaid magic into your home by adding coastal and sea inspired pieces to your home. Seashells, and starfishes and coral patterns and prints are super trendy right now. You can make it look elegant and sophisticated at the same time! You can add pastel watercolors to really give it that effect, and adding colors like seafoam, green, and turquoise to walls. Remember to add shimmer elements as well for a full mermaid look. Remember the most important thing with this trend is to have fun!