(Photo: vogue.in)

How to ace a DIY manicure

With a majority of states closing non-essential businesses, more are looking into DIY beauty routine options including doing your nails. Here’s a couple of tips for a pro-DIY manicure.

You might think you should cut your cuticles but it’s actually best to push them back to elongate the nail. To maintain your cuticles you can use a cuticle stick or pusher, only using cuticle clippers to clip any loose hangnails. Clipping can result in an easy infection and will make your finger and nail tender.

A base coat is essential helping to prevent chipping and anchor the polish, for a longer-lasting manicure. Another thing to consider is to try shorter nails as it’s a more hygienic option and is less likely to break.

Before you start painting, give the bottle of nail polish a good shake so you can check the end result color better and make the polish more consistent. If you have an issue with having a steady hand during painting, you can use painters tape or polish guard around your nail that you can easily peel off after drying.

Another tip for doing your pro DIY manicure, you can try some cute nail art ideas. There are plenty on YouTube and can add a pro pop to your nails and with these tips you’re nails are going to look on leek.