A nude lip is a classic that every woman should learn how to master at one point. Just like a red lip, it really makes a statement and looks great for any time of the day and any situation. Some women tend to stay away from it for fear of looking washed out or sickly, which can happen, but all of this can be avoided if the right shade for your own skin tone is found.

If you’re looking the perfect shade of nude, use these tips to find the shade that will look best on your skin color.


Fair skin. Women with lighter skin are the most prone to avoiding nude lips altogether. If your skin is pale and your lips are too, won’t your lips blend in to your skin? Not exactly. A good nude lip will add the right amount of color to your face by warming it up so look for a lipstick that is a shade or two darker than your own skin with blush undertones. The color will still be light but won’t have beige undertones which is what you want to avoid altogether. Beige is a neutral color and will wash you out because it lacks warmth so stick to blush or peachy colors instead.

Medium skin. This skin tone is the opposite of its fair skin counterpart; medium skin already has warmth due to golden and orange undertones so to cool it down, dusty rose and beige undertones will work best.

Deep skin tones. This skin color will look best in colors that add warmth to the skin like caramel, bronze, and orange undertones. Avoid going too light as the contrast will be too overwhelming. Stick to a shade or two lighter than your own for the most natural look.

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