One of the biggest shows on reality TV is “The Bachelorette”. Millions watch, and it’s been a huge hit for years. This year’s newest bachelorette, Becca Kufrin, has especially been a big deal. She is so gorgeous from the inside out.

We can’t help but notice how gorgeously glowing her skin always looks while being in so many different climates and changes on the show. The makeup artist from the show said she owes it all to one single product.

Thailand is one of the places shown on the season, it is especially known for its heat. The fact that her makeup stayed so flawless didn’t melt of once, was amazing. It’s one single product that can basically last through anything.

Gina Modica, a makeup artist who has made sure that all the bachelorettes always look their best since the beginning, and has let out the secret of how you can keep your making from falling off your face.

Modica’s secret lies in her use of Temptu silicone foundation. The foundation itself only cost $10, and she sprays it on with the brand’s Temptu air machine which costs $195.

It is totally worth the investment because it gives you a completely flawless look. But of course, it’s always important that you take care of your skin to achieve that look.

And the final rose goes to… glowing skin.