Aside from great fashion at red carpet events, we get major envy when we look at celebrities’ faces. Their skin looks incredibly flawless with virtually no wrinkles or bumps and we’re dying to know what they’re wearing on their faces instead of on their bodies or feet. Although makeup does offer a helping hand, great skin can be seen through the makeup.
To get red carpet skin (or any special event in general), try out this skin care regimen that celebs like Jennifer Aniston love.
tatcha1Exfoliate. To look bright and soft, you need to get rid of any dry or flaky parts on your face. A good exfoliator should be used 2 or 3 times a week (depending on your skin type) and the day of your special event. If you’re exfoliating on the special event day, be sure to use an exfoliator you know works well with your skin to avoid redness or other skincare problems.
Try a hydrating mask. After you’ve exfoliated, your skin will look bright but to make it look even better, use a hydrating mask. By doing this, your skin will look plump and young making it even brighter than with exfoliation alone.
Follow up with your usual skincare regimen. The day of or before a special event is no time to try out new skincare products. Your skin can have a reaction like breakouts, redness, and can even be allergic to new products so stick to the ones your skin is familiar with. Tone and moisturize like you normally would.
And that’s it! You’ll have red carpet skin with these simple tips and without having to break the bank by buying new products.
To see more on how you can have red carpet skin, check out the videos!
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