A lot of us use hot hair styling tools on a daily basis or at least a few times a week. Whether it’s a blow-dryer, hot iron, or curling wand, creating your favorite hairstyle is easy with these tools. One day you can have Victoria’s Secret loose waves and the next day you can have a straight hair power ponytail. The possibilities are endless with the right styling tool and the right attitude.

Unfortunately, styling your hair isn’t just about turning on a tool and styling. You need to use products to prevent damage, know what temperature is right for your hair, and if a particular styling tool is fit for your hair, among others, so getting this stuff right is essential for proper styling. If you’re new to hot tools or just want a few tips on how to use them, keep reading.

Always use a heat protectant. Prior to styling, it’s important to minimize damage done to the hair due to high temperatures. Apply a heat protectant to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Temperatures for straightening hair. The temperatures for a straightening iron depend on the thickness of the hair. If you have thin hair, 300 degrees is ideal as the hair is easier to manipulate. Normal hair thickness should use the temperatures anywhere from 300 to 380 degrees and thick or very coarse hair can go up to 410 degrees.

Work as quick as possible. If you’re a lover of YouTube, you’ve probably already seen the video of a girl who leaves her hair curler in too long and her hair falls off. Nobody wants to end up with hair on their floor due to styling tools so work as fast as you can to prevent breakage.

Deep condition. It’s important to not forget to give your hair some TLC when using styling tools to repair any damage and restore its strength and shine. Condition your hair or use a hydrating hair mask at least twice a week to keep it looking healthy.

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