Biodegradable Fabrics Are The Future Of Fashion

The world as we know it is changing. Gone are the days of people looking the other way to negative impacts on our people, our environment, and our humanity. The fashion industry is an industry that is being seen for its negative impacts, from forced and trafficked labor to horrible, negative effects on the environment to skilled labor exploitation, as well as many additional problems. And while these problems are being noticed, they are also being challenged by many.

The fast-fashion industry is easily one of the biggest offenders of the issues above. Stores like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M move quickly through items and styles, selling what we know as “fast fashion” at inexplicably low costs to shoppers. These stores add to our landfills and ever-rotating closets, causing much more harm than they do good.

Recently, it was shared that a mill in Bristol is creating a biodegradable fabric to help offset the negative impact on our environment. And they are succeeding, with no toxic chemicals involved. Even better? The creation of this fabric happens within 15 miles of the city, therefore eliminating transport footprint and creating a vibrant local industry.

For more information on a UK mill weaving biodegradable fabric to challenge fast fashion, take a look at the video above.