Kylie Cosmetics has seriously made a name for Kylie Jenner making her one of the youngest billionaires. Could Kylie Cosmetics really be coming to Ulta beauty stores? This could be some of the biggest news of the year, and yes… the rumors are true!

Kylie Jenner recently revealed that her makeup collection will be hitting Ulta stores just in time for the holidays. Talk about the Ulta-mate gift! Kylie Jenner is treating us all to a surprise that nobody expected… her best-selling makeup will be hitting every Ulta store around the world! If you haven’t tried Kylie cosmetics, now there’s no excuse!

Her limited-edition holiday collection won’t disappoint. This is the first time that her brand is hitting a major store and will be available around the globe. Of course, she has her pop-up shops, but nothing as big as this.

They have yet to release details of when new products will be released but has confirmed that she will definitely release some new makeup products!

There’s a big chance there will be lip kits, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and there will definitely be some holiday products that won’t be available for long! Make sure you run to Ulta the day her products are released because you won’t want to miss out!