The Australian actress and film producer Margot Robbie always looks sensational, so it’s no surprise to hear that her go-to fashion guru, Kate Young has been crowned Hollywood’s most powerful stylist. Three-time winner Kate, has provided Margot with her outfits for the whole of the icon year promotional run. Her stunning wardrobe has helped the actress land the dream job of Chanel ambassador. Margot was recently at the Academy Awards in a stunning white Chanel outfit, making it clear that Kate Young really is at the top of her game.

 The stylist and mother of two says she always knew she wanted to be a part of the fashion industry. She began working in the industry as an intern at a London-based fashion PR firm, then moved on to Vogue’s PR department. She had jobs as a writer, a fashion market editor and, even was Anna Wintour’s assistant! However, the beginning of her career was not perfect- at one point she was told she “had no style” and was “hopeless”. Now Kate also styles the likes of Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Dakota Johnson, Selena Gomez and Sienna Miller, which enhances her top caliber cred. In addition to her amazing job at finding just the right outfit or dress, Kate is also loved and coveted for her ability to make each person she styles feel comfortable in whatever they are wearing. She values the client’s input and makes it fun for them.