Do you want long, lifted lashes without the hassle of expensive, time-consuming lash extensions? Magnetic lashes, are the new falsies… and are go to’s when it comes to having your lashes looking perfect. You can use them over and over again, adding volume to your eyelashes without the hassle of using glue or causing any type of damage to your natural lashes. After some practice (with some trial and error) they’re super easy to put on.

It’s definitely practice makes perfect! You can either use tweezers or your own hands. They are basically sandwiching your natural lashes together by applying one on the top and one on the bottom. Magnetic lashes are also super cheap and perfect for on the go. With eyelash extensions, if you get tired of them you can’t take them off… but with magnetic lashes, you can easily take them on and off as you please.

It’s also nice because you can avoid the hassle of running mascara. Magnetic lashes are seriously a game changer because of their versatility. You can choose between so many types of lashes, whether you want a natural or glamorous look, it’s all up to you!