Women everywhere have been requesting for this for a long time now, and finally, it’s coming true: jeans with deep front pockets.

A study conducted in 2018 compared 20 popular jean brands for both men and women. The results revealed that pockets in women’s jeans, on average, are about 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower when compared to men’s jeans pockets.

In fact, the study even did the test with several everyday items and the results were quite unsatisfactory for women’s jeans. iPhones could only fit in 40% of women’s pockets while Samsung Galaxies could only fit in 20%, as opposed to 100% for men’s pockets.

This is about to change though with the all-new Radian jeans, jeans that are meant to perfectly fit, have 4-way stretch, and can regulate temperature. And of course, above all, the Radian jeans also have deep front pockets, for all your deep-pocket needs.

The Radian jeans also have back flaps for the back pockets that prevent your things from falling out. You can run, jump, and dance around without worrying about your things crashing to the floor.

The project was first launched on Kickstarter in December 2018, achieving its $15,000 goal in just 10 days. There are still 12 days to go until the end of the 2-month-campaign but it has already reached almost $194,000, almost 13 times its initial goal.

If you want to own a pair – or 7 – yourself, you can still back the Radian jeans project up at its Kickstarter page.