(Photo Credit: picdeer.com/lacifay)

Laci Fay Lives Every Day Like It’s The 50s

If you’re Laci Fay, every day that you are up and walking is 1958. From her vehicle to her fridge to her hairstyle, every day for her is retro and colorful.

Her inspiration comes from her grandparents, who were married in 1955 and regularly told her stories about the happiness and color that existed during that era. It was when she first took a chance to dress up in a full 1959 outfit-and-hair getup that she truly felt like her most authentic self. She wore a vintage dress and had her hair and makeup done, and that’s when she was hooked.

The only part of Laci’s house that isn’t decked out in vintage decor is her son’s room. It may surprise you that even Laci’s husband plays into the era, wearing a hat and trousers. They welcome the regular looks they get when they are out in public.

Fay believes that everyone is weird in their own way, and she is fully comfortable embracing what makes her own unique, true self. We love how much she embraces that truth.

For more information on Laci Fay’s lifestyle or to take a better look at the number of themed items and looks she has, check out the video above.