Sparkle and shine aren’t limited for nighttime any more! It’s completely fine (and chic!) to add some glitter to your daytime closet too. You can either take the sleek route with jewelry, shoes or a belt – or if you want to go for something more dramatic – try a sparkly jacket or top!

There are multiple ways to add some sparkle to your daytime outfit. But for this look – less is more. In my opinion, a cute gold sequin shrug or tank top would serve as a fabulous focal piece – so everything else should be neutral but not necessarily plain. To bring the piece to the foreground just work with less colors and other attention-grabbing prints and details

How to wear sparkles during daytime:

Wearing sparkles is a wonderful way to add interest and texture to your outfit. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to look your best and make your high-shine ensemble work for daytime:

Sequins and shimmer are more suitable juxtaposed with casual, tomboyish, or rugged pieces. A sparkly item is an overdose to a Classy outfit (unless you’re planning on going the minimal-Classy route) which makes it look fancy, and night evening’ish – which in my opinion, defeats the whole point of that chic and effortless daytime look we’re trying to achieve!

So basically, you need to pair your shiny garment or accessory with something opposite from it (as in opposite to classy and glamorous). For example, try a casual tank top with a sequin open jacket; shimmer pencil skirt with a loose sweatshirt; or a sparkly top underneath a denim shirt

If your job position is in a conservative field I highly suggest leaving out any sparkle from your outfit. Looking festive at work can jeopardize your professionalism. If you want to add some shine to your office workwear go for gold or silver metal jewelry instead.

Be aware of where you add the sparkle as it can bring attention to the area and make it look bigger. An exception is glitter and sequin garments and accessories with flimmer of dark “shadows” that slim down and do the opposite. But they’ll still cast a spotlight to the body part you place it on – so make sure it’s a really good one!

Also, a sparkly garment can help balance out your body shape and make prominent body parts look less noticeable. So if you have wide hips and thighs, a sequin top can make them look smaller by visually widening your top.

Do you have a short upper body or/and are 5’4″ or shorter? Then wearing a sparkly top can help raise your height. So sequin tops and jackets can be of great advantage for petites or for anyone who has a short torso.


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