The french manicure is a classic mani that will never go out style. It’s clean, chic, and goes with everything so for many of us it’s a go-to as far as nails are concerned. We must admit that sometimes it can get a little boring so nail art has been helpful when finding inspiration on what to do next with our mani. Check out these cute nail art ideas to upgrade your french manicure.


The bow tie. Almost anything can look instantly cuter with a bow tie (accessories, décor, puppies) and your nails are no exception. Try out the bow tie for a fun flair and watch how your friends obsess over your nails. It’ll be a hit for sure.

The ombre. Ombre is everywhere whether it’s hair, clothes, phone cases– you name it. The gradient effect gives anything some cool points and we love the many tutorials on Pinterest with ombre nails. A white base coat looks the best when trying out this nail art but so long as there is a contrast between two colors, the base can be whatever color you like best.

Darling dots. Out of all the nail art trends out there, adding dots is definitely the easiest. Typically, a french manicure has a white stripe at the top but we think adding dots looks a lot a cooler. It’s different and gives a twist to the classic so we suggest you try this one if you’re a nail art newbie.

Contrary to what some fashion commentators might say, nail art is definitely not dead or a trend of the past and the Fall 2014 runways proved it. To see additional ways of reinventing your french manicure, check out the video!