Is it vacay time? Well, we need to be very well dressed for it! (No, if you want you can bring straw bag and straw hat!). If it is time for vacation, then it’s time even for Resort (orcroisière – you can use the term that you want, but French way seem cooler) collections.

From Paris to New York, almost all designers choose to make this intern or pre-season collection, originally born for jet-setters going on holiday on cruises. Now, more than jet-setters dedicated collection, they are wearable and a veritable preview of what we’re going to wear on next holidays and next spring.

Every designer has chosen a different concept and a different mood for our vacay. Have you seen the Marc Jacobs floral-clown inspired collection? Anna Wintour has already worn one at CFDA awards. And the black and floral Gucci collection? Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy used a lot of paisley prints! And…Chanel? Every body knows that’s the Chanel Resort show is the most waited. Every year in a different place, this year Karl Lagerfeld took Chanel in Versailles were young Marie Antoniettes walked on the catwalk.

But now we talk about one of the most artistic collection of this 2013 Resort Collection: Balenciaga. Nicolas Ghesquière recently discovered that Cristobal Balenciaga designed some costumes for a ballet in the 1930s, this that has partly inspired the resort collection. Ghesquière creates a classy and a-little-bit-couture collection, making an “holiday”-chic dancer.

Using very light colors as white, pink and yellow (there are also a lot of black, grey, blue navy), Balenciaga follows classic dancers style even in ruffles and shapes of skirts. Sculptural, as Balenciaga loves to make his clothes, Nicolas Ghesquière creates a contrast between soft tissues (silk, jersey and cotton) and leather and synthetic fabrics.


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