Most of us tend to think about painting the walls at home or 90’s anything when overalls come to mind. While they were originally a staple clothing for farmers, they’ve come a long way to the popular piece they are today; you can wear them to the grocery store or you can go to happy hour in them as well. The color, the material, and how you style your overalls (or dungarees) is what sets you apart from a farmer or a painter.

Need some inspiration on how to wear your overalls? Here are 3 ways you can wear them:


overalls-look-3Black overalls. While most people tend to go for the classic blue, black is a better option as it matches more with different colors. Go for a casual/sporty look by going simple: black overalls, slightly fitted white t-shirt, and black sneakers. Most overalls nowadays fit exactly like your favorite pair of skinny jeans so don’t think of them any differently just because you have some extra material in the chest area. This look is great for daytime activities.
Khaki overalls. Khaki isn’t a color that many of us have overalls in but they can really take your look to the next level. We love the idea of going for that Michael Kors combination of khaki and denim with these overalls. Pair khaki overalls with a button down denim shirt and some pumps. You can either try a nude-colored pump or go for a pop of color like emerald green. Another great shoe option if you favor comfort are oxfords. Burgundy colored loafers look pair well with khaki.
White overalls. If you have an evening event or activity to tend to, white overalls are a must try, preferably in a material that isn’t denim. They’re almost the same as jumpsuits so most of the styling is already done. Pair it with a white top underneath like a sheer button down or even a crop top. You can keep the white ball rolling with white pumps but a touch of color looks great as well.
To see more ways you can wear overalls, check out the playlist above.
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