Bronzer is an essential part of many women’s summer makeup kit especially if you want that sunless bronzed glow. So long as it’s only 2~3 shades darker than your natural skin tone, it can look very natural and make your complexion look healthy. And with the right application, you’re on your way to kicking JLo off of the golden goddess throne.
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If you want to get the most out of your bronzer, here are 3 ways you should use it:
For light contouring. Bronzers are used lightly all over the face for a sun-kissed complexion but if you use a contouring brush, you can actually make your face look a bit slimmer. Use whatever blush or foundation you have but only use one side of it—it’ll give you a pretty straight angle if you don’t have a contouring brush or your current one needs washing.
As eyeshadow. When creating a bronzy look, you’re eyes need a wash of bronzer as well because they tend to show your real skin color. Use the bronzer all over the lid and just buff it out slightly. You can also just define the eye socket with bronzer instead of covering the lid with color.
To make your lipstick matte. Brown, peachy colors are trending all over at the moment (check Insta) and if you’re trying it out, your bronzer can help keep it in place.
If the color closely matches the color on your lips and you’re going for a matte look, pick some bronzer up with your finger and pat it on the lips. It’ll help provide a more intense color while locking it in place.