If you follow beauty trends and try to watch as many runway shows as you can every season then you’ve probably noticed a few trends. Like the fringe trend that has transitioned from this fall on to the upcoming spring and summer or that crop tops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. But have you noticed the models’ faces? Designers like Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler chose to let the models walk sans makeup to showcase their true beauty.

The runways have never looked so fresh and we think this is a good time to finally put the beauty blender down. Maybe giving up makeup 100% isn’t realistic for most of us but we have some tips that will make you look as natural as possible.


Moisturize. This should already be a given in the morning and at night but part of this makeup trend is to have perfectly moisturized skin. Glowy, dewy skin looks healthier and brings radiance to the skin which is something you want if you’re wearing minimal makeup.

Skip the foundation, go for concealer. Unless you have a foundation that matches your skin perfectly and looks seamless, try using a concealer instead. Concealer tends to be very opaque and covers a whole lot more with very little product. Use it on areas like your under eyes and lids, redness wherever you have it, and around the nose and mouth where pigmentation tends to occur.

Eyes. Most of us weren’t blessed with a big set of lashes and full brows so it’s ok to use mascara. What’s not ok is filling in your brows heavily and making them look identical. We recommend using a powder (looks more natural) on areas where the hairs are sparse. Set in place with clear brow gel and you’re eye are done.

Blush and lips. Use a lip tint or tinted lip balm for both your cheeks and lips. You should go for a color that resembles the color your cheeks naturally turn when your flustered. Usually the lips will look similar to this color so there’s no need to use a separate product.
(Cover image: Sidewalk Hustle)