Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like us, you probably still don’t know what you’re going to be. Being Miley Cyrus sounds really appealing but raiding your local arts and crafts store isn’t necessarily in anyone’s budget. Luckily for you, your makeup stash is the best and cheapest way to go for an easy last minute Halloween costume.

Check out these awesome last minute Halloween makeup hacks from beauty guru Teni Panosian.

Queen of Hearts Kiss. Do your makeup as you normally would but be generous on the blush. Take your favorite red lip liner and draw a half of a heart on your top lips using the cupid’s bow as a guide. Draw a circle on the bottom lip that matches the heart in size and fill them in.

Mermaid skin. If you’ve ever wanted to look like a mermaid, this beauty hack is your dream come true. Put your arm through a fishnet stocking (like a sleeve) and spritz a little bit water on your arm. Then, take a disposable makeup sponge and dip in metallic eye shadow like blue, green, and silver and dab it all over your arm. The results will really amaze you!

Black lace bandit. For the pretty girl who loves all black everything style, this makeup hack is sure suit your fancy. Draw the eye mask on with a thick black liner. You can make a stencil and just trace it on your face for clean lines. After you’re done with drawing on the eye mask, take some black lace and cut it into one inch pieces. Once you’ve done that, use eyelash glue and place them around the curvature of the top part of the eye mask. For a little extra flare, you can draw on some simple designs like dots.

To see an additional 2 Halloween makeup hacks, check out the video with Teni!
(Cover image: Miss Maven)