Time is money especially when you’re trying to make it to work on time! That’s right, there is no denying that we’ve all been there when we wake up a tad bit late and have to run out the door in a matter of minutes. So, to spare you some time we wanted to share with you five beauty hacks to help you shave minutes off your morning routine.

#1 Switch Lotion
To start, instead of lathering on the lotion after the shower, save yourself some time with spray lotion. One of the many brands that has now adopted this new idea is Vaseline or Kiss My Face Spray which is just as effective as regular rub in lotion but it will save you time.

#2 Red Lipstick
Next, you can’t go wrong with red lipstick. It’s a quick and easy way to create an illusion that you actually spent some time applying your makeup.

#3 Keep Two Sets Of Toiletries
So, a quick tip is to have two sets of toiletries, one that you keep at home and one that you keep in the office. The best part about this is when you’re in a rush you wont have to worry about forgetting items.

#4 Carry Water
Also, a great idea is stashing a water bottle in your workbag. Researchers have proven that drinking water in the morning helps you wake up, its less expensive, time consuming, and it makes you a little bit fuller when your in a rush.

#5 Organize
Last but not least, organize and conquer. Whether it be jewelry or close, set aside what you need for the morning the night before.

So, by shaving minutes off of your morning routine, who knows you might be able to sleep in later!