There’s a difference between being fashionable and stylish that a lot of people seem to get wrong: being fashion –forward is being up-to-date with the latest trends from the runways while being stylish is what you choose to compliment your own personal taste. While no two people have the exact same taste in style, we all can benefit from the same style tips.

Make everyone around you think you’ve hired a stylist by incorporating these tips in your everyday looks.

Don’t be afraid of a white button-down. Having a few white button-downs in your style arsenal makes for amazing everyday looks without you knowing it. It’s minimal but the bright white color can elevate your favorite jeans to a new level. It’s also great to balance out a feminine skirt or shorts so keep these at hand for a great look.

Roll it up. You get instant cool points if you roll up your sleeves a little bit. It gives an effortless edgy vibe and takes no time to do. The same goes for skinny jeans that are a little too long: roll them up instead of tucking them in. You get to showcase your awesome shoes this way as well.

Whenever possible, match your lips with your shoes. This is especially important if your lips and shoes are the only pop of color in your outfit. Matching any color like red, hot pink, and Bordeaux will make the outfit look complete.

Proper sized hem lines. There’s nothing that looks aids more in your personal style than working with proper measurements for your body height and weight. One of them is buying pants that are the correct length so get measured if possible.

Over the shoulder coats and blazers. Doing this simple thing will make you look like a street style star when you’re walking down the street on your way to work or party. Makes you look a lot cooler and confident knowing you can walk with that huge coat on your shoulders and it potentially falling on the sidewalk. That takes serious skills, seriously.

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