Fringe Hem Denim Is Making A Comeback

My favorite thing about street wear is how it continues to re-invent itself by recycling pieces – frayed denim is just that. The newest spring trend turns us all into designers, encouraging us to snip away at seams of last season’s jeans to create something new.

Here’s a few ways to incorporate this perfectly, imperfect trend into your spring street style.

Tassel Jeans
Frayed jeans or tassel denim is one of the oldest DIY tricks in the book. The look, favored by fashion bloggers, is having a major street style moment for the spring. Tassel denim is versatile and can be dressed up with heels or down with sneakers.

Frayed Denim Skirt
In the wake of 90s nostalgia, denim skirts are on the verge of a comeback. Except this time around, designers ware preferring a more modest style as opposed to the micro mini styles that ushered us in to the new millennium. Instead of playing on the trends roots, make the look eclectic with white booties are cowboy boots.

All Denim
It’s official. Denim is one of the hugest trends of 2019, so denim on denim just makes since. While it was once considered a fashion faux pas, dubbed the Canadian tuxedo, denim on denim has made its way back in street style. To keep the look from going overboard (need I bring up the experimental Britney and JT look), opted for frayed denim pieces in lighter washes.

Colored Tassel Jeans
Colored denim is the must unexpected ways to rock the frayed, tasseled jeans look. Style colored tassel jeans the same way you would a typical denim wash to add a more playful feel to your look. Bonus points for adding a chambray top.

Frayed Denim Jacket
A denim jack is essential to street style. While this staple will never cease to circulate in-and-out of fashion cycle, update an older jacket by deconstructing it at the seams.