If you want to save money and improve your beauty routine, surprisingly, baby powder has tons of beauty benefits and there are multiple ways you can use it! Not only does he get the job done but you can also rest easy! Here are the most amazing ways you can use baby powder.

Everyone loves voluminous lashes. But did you know baby powder can actually boost your lashes thickness, volume, and length? If you apply mascara but use some baby powder in between each coat, it will do wonders and will even prevent smudging and running.

You can also use baby powder to remove unwanted shine. No one likes looking oily when they’re taking pictures. If you’re under bright lights, using a little bit of powder on your skin can help keep that shine down, which is especially great if you have a darker skin tone… since it reflects more on camera!

You can keep your look matte and not look like a greasy mess. And if you accidentally buy a face powder that’s too dark for your skin, you can use baby powder to lighten up your makeup powder!

Did you know you can even use baby powder as a dry shampoo? If you apply a few shakes to the roots of your hair, making sure you blend it in of course with a brush, your hair will instantly absorb any excess oil and also create volume in your hair! Baby powder also does wonders if you need a quick after wax care remedy. Trying to wax oily skin is nearly impossible, so adding baby powder before you wax and after your wax to avoid irritation will seriously benefit your skin.

Finally, you can use baby powder to keep your makeup in place. If you know you have a long night ahead of you, then adding a light layer of baby powder over your makeup and on your lipstick can make your look last even longer and help it to stay in place! When it comes to baby powder, there are so many different ways that you can use it and transform your look.