Now that school is back in session, you’re probably pretty busy with things like homework, group projects, afterschool activities, etc. so other not-so-important things like makeup or a beauty routine are less likely to be on your mind. But makeup can really change your mood for the day to come and boost your confidence so it’s important to get a routine down that looks best on you, especially when you don’t have time. Time is can be your worst enemy as makeup mistakes occur most when you’re under pressure to get going.

To avoid making makeup mistakes for this back-to-school year, follow these tips:


Not moisturizing properly. Your foundation or BB/CC cream won’t look good if your skin looks dry. The best thing you can do so that your makeup looks flawless is to apply your favorite moisturizer prior to makeup application and wait a few minutes for it to sink in.

Properly match your foundation to your skin color. The worst thing that most teenagers do is wear a foundation that is either too light or too dark. Avoid this by going to your local mall and get matched. Ask the consultant to tell you what your undertone colors are as well as what formula will work best with your skin type so you can find the best foundation or BB/CC cream possible.

Concealer is a face saver. If you’re not big into having too much on your face, a concealer that matches your exact skin color makes a world of a difference. It’s super pigmented and can hide under eye circles, pimples, and discoloration so take this with you wherever you go. It’s ideal for touch-ups on the go as well.

Too much powder. Powder should only be used lightly to either set makeup or mattify the oily parts of your face. When you use a heavy hand to apply it, your skin ends up looking super dehydrated—something you want to avoid at all costs in the morning. Pat on a bit of powder to areas like your forehead and nose first (oily areas) and then only slightly add powder to the rest of your face if you absolutely need it.

Want more tips for back-to-school makeup mistakes to avoid? Watch the video!
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