When it comes to foundation every woman wants to look natural as if she is wearing no makeup at all. With that being said, choosing the right foundation is so important. Picking the right tone and matching it to your skin color will help you to get that perfect glow.


So, the first step when applying your foundation is to make sure that you have the right shade. A little trick is to apply it to your jaw line and walk over to a window in natural light and see if it blends naturally. Be carful because you don’t want it to look too orange.

Apply the foundation to your hand first so that you have control over how much foundation you are going to use. Swipe your brush on your hand and start applying it on your face starting inwards out and make sure you blend evenly.

And to get rid of those pesky under eye circles use some concealer that is a tad lighter than your foundation. And after that, you want to use a puff for an even look.

So, follow these simple steps and the video above and you will be on your way to getting flawless skin in no time.