If you have oily skin, you’re probably no stranger to oil blotting sheets. You might have a pack in your purse, in your car, and maybe even at your desk because since the weather is warm, they’re a necessity. They’re face savers but unfortunately, they’re not saving you a whole lot of money. Blotting sheets can range anywhere from $5 to $20 for only 20 sheets so they’re definitely not cheap if you use them on the reg.

Are you looking for a cheaper way to get more sheets or maybe even for free? Check out these 3 things you can use in place of blotting sheets.


Starbucks napkins. Yes, the napkins you use to get that excess coffee off of the lid can also double as blotting sheets. They’re sturdy but thin enough to really pick up that oil on your t-zone. You’re in there every day for your everyday tall skinny latte so you might as well take a few.

Toilet seat covers. Say what?! Even we think this one sounds a little weird (and we’ll do almost anything for beauty) but it actually works. This one has been tried and tested not only by our Editor, but also by other ladies around the world. They look and feel exactly the same and they’re completely free! Just make sure you dispose of the first one available and grab the next for sanitary reasons. It is in a bathroom, after all.

Tissue paper. Here’s where the DIY part comes in: you know all that tissue paper you have left over from wrapping up gifts last Christmas? You now have a use for it. Cut it up in to little squares and you have the most inexpensive sheets around. Toilet seat covers are just sturdier tissue paper so you’ll get the same use out of it. The best part is that tissue paper comes in so many different colors so not only will it be useful but also pretty to look at!