The holiday season is here and they say the average person gains around 6 pounds this time of the year. While giving up Santa Claus shaped cookies is something when can all afford to do, faking a slimmer face is so much easier. It’s time to whip out your best cool-tone sculpting powder and get to loosing pounds.

Try these contouring tips and get your pre-holiday face on.

Start with the right contour shade. Contouring is all about tricking the eyes into thinking there are hollows where they don’t (or barely) exist. When you look at a hollow, it’s slightly dark and on the cool-tone side, far from looking like a tan. Use a sculpting cream or powder that is 1~2 shades darker than your own skin tone with cool undertones for a realistic and natural creation of depth.

Sculpt your cheekbones. If you suck in your cheeks, you can feel where it naturally dips. With a fan brush, take some contour product and swipe it side to side, stopping at around ¾ of the way in direction towards your mouth. After you’ve done this, with any remaining product, take the fan brush and gently brush up towards the cheekbone. The slight shading going upwards will make the contour look more realist as opposed to a straight line under your cheeks.

The temples and forehead. If you have a rounder face and don’t have bangs that will cover it, apply some to the temples and around your hairline. This will help with making the forehead look smaller as well as the whole face.

Under the jawline. Some people tend to skip this step but if you have a strong jawline that makes your face look a bit wide or maybe have slightly bigger cheeks, you should take this extra step as well. Start where your earlobe ends and brush down until you get to the chin area. Be sure to blend properly so that it’s not too obvious on your neck.

Highlight. This last step is optional but will make your face look extra slimmer. By applying highlight on your cheekbones, chin, and nose bridge, you’re bringing forward these areas and making the contoured areas even smaller. Take the extra minute to do this and you’ll have a complete contoured look!
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