Most of us tend to think of colored mascara as this super bright electro blue that makes even the most proper girl tacky but that’s definitely not always the case. If we apply certain eye shadow colors to make our eyes pop, why not do it with mascara? It works the exact same way and is completely doable if you find the right shade of mascara for your eye color.


The trick to wearing colored mascara is to wear it subtly so loud colors are off the table. If your prefer blue, wear a navy blue rather than electric blue or cobalt. If you fancy purple because your eyes are green, try plum to make your eyes pop. Colored mascara isn’t as scary or tacky as it seems so if you’re entirely new to it, wear it only on the roots wear the color is as close as it can be to your eye.

If you’d like to see what mascara colors will best suit your own eye color, check out the video!