Nothing puts you in the mood for a date with your significant other more than a romantic hairstyle. It sets the perfect tone for whatever outfit you’ll pick and really ties the whole thing together. We can’t think of a more romantic hairstyle than a heart-shaped braid and the best part: it’s done in 5 minutes. Check out our quick tutorial that you can use next time you have a date.


We didn’t call it easy for nothing; you’ll need texturizing spray, three clear elastics and a few bobby pins. Now for the easy steps:

1. Part your hair in half from ear to ear. Then, part that half so you have a right and left side.
2. Spray some texturizing spray on both sections. This will help the bobby pins hold the hair better.
3. Braid both sections in a classic braid.
4. Wrap the first braid inside out. This will create the heart angle at the bottom.
5. Secure both wrapped braids with some bobby pins.
6. Take the last clear elastic and tie both ends.

It’s as easy that! If you’d still like to see a tutorial be sure to check out the video.