Bright summer white isn’t only a trend for your wardrobe; it’s also a fantastic manicure style as well. This season ladies like Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Naya Rivera, Kate Hudson, Lea Michele and Scarlet Johansson have all donned snowy white on their nails for summer.  One particular celeb that’s been spotted rocking the look superbly is Zoe Saldana, who opted for white nails with her statement striped emerald and white frock on the red carpet. We love the way Zoe Saldana opted for a unique white manicure by adding a  border of black just above the cuticle framing her nail, which really made the white stand out.  As with any trend there are plenty of different ways to rock this look, but we have a couple of our favorites below.

The Framed White Manicure
This type of snow white mani is straight off the red carpet and we love how chic this look is. Basically all you need todo is frame your white manicure with a color line just above your cuticle. You can opt for any color you like, go classic with monochrome black and white or be bold and opt for a neon hue and white. The sky is the limit as far is color combinations are concerned and best of all the hint of color framing your nail will act to enhance the look of the white polish even more.

The White Caviar Manicure
Textured nails we’re big the season and wearing the trend in white is such a sophisticated way to go. There are plenty of different DIY nail texture kits so run out and pick up one in white, you can make all of your fingers textured or just opt for one white textured accent nail, it’s up to you.

The White Pointed Manicure
Pointed nails are a fierce statement all on their own and with the addition of bright white the trend becomes instantly chicer. Go for medium length slightly rounded pointed nails for a sweet and modern version of this popular manicure style.