Gel manicures are all the rage at the moment and we’re loving them as well. They last longer and still look almost perfect even when you remove them so it’s quite convenient if you’re a mani lover without much time to spare. You can even do them at home if you’d like because special kits are sold at drugstores.


Although we’re all for the gel manis, removing the gel polish can be a bit time consuming and doing the wrong way can actually really damage your nail and cuticles. For proper gel polish remover you’ll need the following:

1. 10 small squares of tin foil
2. Cotton balls
3. Acetone
4. Nail groomer

Separate the cotton ball into 10 small pieces and soak them in the acetone. Apply to your nail and wrap with a square of acetone. Leave this on for about 10 minutes and then remove everything of your fingers. It should look like it’s slightly peeling off but if not, leave it on for additional time. Take your nail groomer and push upwards of the nail starting at the cuticles so you don’t hurt them. If you’re hands feel a bit dry make sure to apply your favorite hand cream.