Calling all brown-eyed girls: we’ve got a topic specially made for you. Have you ever considered yourself to be lucky to have your eye color or do you wish they were different? Although you share your eye color with half of the world’s population, hopefully you’re feeling lucky because brown eyes are a girl best friend when it comes to eye shadows.

We’re jealous of our brown-eyed friends because they can literally wear any color they choose and look great in it. Whether you choose taupe colors, coppers, glitters, it all suits you. The shade of brown that you have will determine what colors make your eyes pop the most so keep in mind that if you have lighter to medium brown eyes, golds, coppers, and greens will look best on you. If you have a darker shade of brown, blacks and glittery browns will work best especially if you underline your eye with white to make your eye look brighter.

For a quick and easy tutorial for your lovely brown eyes, check out the video.