Picking out a stylish look for work can be such a hassle, especially if you’re always running late and are in a hurry. Questions like “do these shoes match my dress?” and “is this skirt or color work appropriate?” are everyday questions and can be stressful because not only are you worrying about how good it looks but also if it’s something that can be worn to work.

Being the fashionista that you are, you know that key articles of clothing like midi skirts, knee length dresses, and dress pants are some of the pieces you can wear to work but when it comes to jewelry and shoes it can get a little tricky.

We recommend never overdoing jewelry and keeping it simple with a ring or two, stud earrings, and a watch if you prefer. Jewelry can be distracting if it’s overdone and can make or break a look. Shoe wise, simple also goes a long way. We like the classic ankle-strap heels in nude or black and same goes for flats. They go with pretty much everything and are super comfortable.

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