(Photo Source: chloe.com)

Fashion brand Chloe partner with UNICEF

Fashion house and designer brand Chloe has signed a three-year partnership with UNICEF to raise funds and awareness for gender equality programs. The joint partnership will sell various products, such as t-shirts and jewelry, to bring about sales in support of the programs.

The supported programs will engage in teaching young girls technology skills in Bolivia, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, and Tajikistan to support women in pursuing careers in the digital space. The end goal of the partnership is to build educational programs that will allow more girls to land high-paying jobs and stimulate the economy.

The campaign will launch on March 8, 2020 on World Woman’s Day with a shirt, necklace, and bracelet. To further generate sales and gain attention to UNICEF and their efforts, Chloe will also be picking three females to serve as social media ambassadors to discuss the partnership and its importance.

The ambassadors have not yet been selected, and the company has not made it known whether they will be celebrities, influencers, micro-influencers, politicians, young girls, or a combination of different roles and influences.

The three-year project will sell product in the UK, US, France, Japan, and South Korea, and online sales may be available later on.