We’re big fans of Clinique because not only do they make amazing skincare but their makeup is just as great. From their signature chubby sticks to the yellow powder that eliminates redness, it’s one of the best cosmetic brands out there. Unfortunately for our pockets, this brand can come at a hefty price. Each chubby stick can cost around $16.00 and the yellow powder $35.00 so quality definitely comes at a price.

Luckily drugstore brands have come up with a version of their own Clinique products of a fraction of the price and we have the best dupes for you.


Chubby Sticks. These moisturizing lip colors cost $16.00 but Covergirl has made the same product for only half the price.


All about eyes serum. This serum is a girl’s best friend early in the morning but at $28.00 can sound more like a frenemy. Garnier makes the exact same product but has been upgraded with a hint of color to de-puff the under eye area whilst providing coverage. This de-puffer comes only at $12.00.


Black honey lipstick. This lipstick has been a favorite of many women for years because it’s rich, moisturizing, and buildable but CoverGirl has also made a dupe for only $6.00.

To see additional dupes, check out the video.