Who doesn’t love dry shampoo? Not only is that a great quick touch up for your hair, gives your hair volume, and gets rid of grease fast. But have you ever wondered if there are other ways to use dry shampoo besides skipping a rinse?

One thing you can do with dry shampoo is create different textures. When you layer hairspray and dry shampoo it will give you a beautiful, lightweight, and textured tassels. Another thing you can try are perfectly textured up-dos with dry shampoo.

If you want your hairstyle to last longer and not fall out of place, dry shampoo can seriously make a difference. You can also add a ton of volume by spraying dry shampoo all the way from the middle of your hair to the roots, then brushing it out, and there you go… perfect volume.

Another great way to use dry shampoo is to use it as a root touch up in between your hair coloring appointments. When does dark roots start to show, dry shampoo made for blondes is a perfect way to cover them up!

The most surprising use is to use your dry shampoo as a deodorant. The ingredients found in dry shampoo absorb oil in your hair, which means it can help absorb moisture under your arms… and chances are the dry shampoo smells even nicer than your deodorant.

Having dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, no matter which way you use it you can always give your hair extra beauty and shine!